The Colles Library/RSCM archives

The RSCM's Colles Library has a large collection of books about church music, plainsong, liturgy, hymnody and psalmody together with a very large collection of church music, much of which is out-of-print. There is a large corpus of organ music, many manuscripts and an archive of all publications and journals of the RSCM.

Access for research and availability of copies
The RSCM library and archives are situated in Salisbury in temporary accommodation. The library is usually unstaffed and is not currently open at regular times. Visits can only be made by arrangement with the Librarian or Assistant Librarian for a suitable day (Monday to Friday only) and time (normally between 10.00am and 4.00pm). An application form to request a visit can be downloaded HERE.

No item shall be borrowed from the Library in any circumstance. The library is for reference only.
In addition to personal members of the RSCM and members of affiliated choirs, who may visit without charge, any person over 18 who is engaged in private study or research may be admitted to the Library at the discretion of the Librarian. For this privilege a donation to the RSCM is requested.

SECM/RSCM course and festival recordings.
In addition to a large collection of general church music recordings (78s and LPs), the library holds some recordings of RSCM courses and festival events, dating from 1930 onwards. Although many of these have been digitised, copyright restrictions prevent us supplying the majority of these recordings to the public. Itemisation of the tracks on these records is incomplete.

Search Help:
In the catalogue number field entering the capital letter:
O (the letter not the number zero) will specifically select organ music.
M will select manuscripts.

Copies of music and articles.
These can be supplied subject to copyright restrictions. A Colles Reference Library Reproduction Request form can be downloaded HERE.

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